Poor David — He came for a Sunday visit and got roped into helping castrate calves — 11 Comments

  1. Your chickens are the same ones we had! Along with a couple of frizzled bantams, a brahma, & a few others. Usually happened when we were at the feed storw for food & I said, oh, those are cute ;)

  2. Very glad that you have such great kids to give you two a helping hand! You’ve done well raising them! Happy to see those little tomato starts!

    • I’m so grateful, too. It’s so much fun when we all work together.

  3. Boy does this bring back memories! One of my uncles was a veterinarian. My brother and I spent summers with him when we were strong young lads. Looking back, I don’t think it was intentional – or was it? – but just about every summer there was at least one pen of hogs that the farmer had allowed to get WAY too big. My brother and I, and usually the farmer, had the job of catching those monsters and holding them up and over a fence with my uncle on the other side doing the castrating and vaccinations. He was a really fast surgeon, and he got irritated if he had to wait around on us to catch the next hog for him. We humped and jumped and got ’em done. But WOW! so much work for all of us. Big bull calves are about the same in my book, too. There is so much less shock for the animal when you do this when they’re small and young. Good for you! So David won’t feel so bad, my uncle was working before the advent of the giant plastic
    ‘sissy’ sleeves the vets use nowadays. It happens, and it can be washed off. All is right with the world.

    • David is so used to having poop on him. One spot was nothing but a laughing matter.

  4. Glad u all are able to work outside! Here in Iowa we have had severe flooding,but things are slowly getting better with sun out. Many people were evacuated a few towns over. Your tomatoes look like my hubbies last year in the basement! How I miss that, wish he was here this year to plant again!

    • It’s still pretty darned sloppy outside but warm and sunny. I’m so sorry folks south of us got so much flooding. I hope all are okay after it.
      I know how much you miss your husband. Hang in there and get out in the sun. Plant something and you’ll feel better.