David and his friend Ian cut and hauled more firewood out of the mess the loggers left at the end of the Wolf Road (the logging trail David’s cabin is on). Ian brought his two seated ATV and they used Will’s smaller logging trailer behind it to haul the wood to David’s place. Even though they say you can’t even tell where they were cutting, there is getting to be a pretty big pile at David’s place already. Then they have several other piles across the road, in the woods. Like the old saying, they’re “making hay while the sun shines.”

Ian and David cut firewood and hauled it with Ian’s monster ATV.
There is getting to be a big pile of firewood at David’s house!

David saved his income tax return and is going to buy the sheet metal roofing for the cabin with it. So he and Will planned to go up on the roof to measure and make sure everything was still square up there. David had left one of the little triangle sides out of the upstairs dormer open to access the roof. Well, he climbed up and wiggled out. Will wasn’t so agile. He couldn’t turn so hard because of his bad back. So David went up alone and measured and called the measurements down to Will. Yea! The roof was still square! They worried as last year the collar ties weren’t in and the rafters settled down, bowing the upstairs walls outward a little. They worked hard and got it jacked and pulled back into place but were still wondering how the roof fared. Now Will just has to calculate how much of what lengths David needs to order. Progress!

I’ve been transplanting a trillion (it seems!) tomato plants into Styrofoam cups. So far I’ve done five flats with lots more to go. Because of COVID-19 and peoples’ future food needs, I’m transplanting more than usual — just in case. In the meantime, today, I’m simmering a big ham bone in the juice left over from our boiled dinner yesterday. I’ve got beans on soaking and this afternoon I’ll be canning up Will’s favorite bean soup. It’ll have lots of ham too, so it will be extra “fancy.” I think the juice left from the boiled dinner with onions, carrots, potatoes, and rutabaga will make it really tasty too. It sure smells great!

The ham broth and beans are waiting for me to can up into bean soup. Boy, does it smell good!

— Jackie


  1. Last week l had to cover everything in the garden because of the frost. For three days l was raising trash bags, small waste baskets, and drink cups. Everything survived only to have the temperature climb into the 80’sthe following day. Last night myself and the plants had to duck and cover because of the tornados and hail. Spring time in Oklahoma makes gardening interesting. David has a nice pile of firewood. I remember having to cut wood as a child. Love the smell of wood smoke.

    • Yep, gotta love the spring frosts, huh? Well, not so much! I’m glad you missed the tornado and hail. Those are definitely not fun. I hate the destruction they both leave behind.

    • It does feel good. And David doesn’t even have a wood stove yet! That’s thinking ahead.

  2. Always good to hear the update on happenings on the Atkinson homestead! Thanks for the update Jackie.

  3. Here in Iowa, we might crack 70 today, yea! So good to see u up and about(as always) and back to all that homesteading! I have the big book of Country Living by Carla Emory, first got it in the early 90’s after lusting for it for years-am packing up to send to niece and hubby in Tx so she can enjoy!! Have a good week!

    • We’re looking at 50 today and really happy with that. Like you said, now we can get back to homesteading in earnest. I’ve got both an old, old Country Living and the newer edition. Great books but oh so heavy to hold when you’re reading; there’s SO much information in them!

  4. Any who burns wood knows that what thinks is a large amount of wood ready-to-split/cut, Mother Nature has her own plans for how fast we have to use it. David has a good friend in Ian. We have a circle of friends and we help out each other. Is it always 50/50 – no but over time, it pretty much evens out.

    • Yes it does. Ian lives in town and likes coming out to the woods to do stuff. He and David have been friends since school days.

    • Thanks Jeri. There’s no sense in grumbling away; nobody wants to hear that. Including ME!

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