I’ve been trying to get ready for my knee replacement surgery for a week now, trying to think of everything I can do now to make things easier down the road. Extra seed packet labels, check, extra canned food on the counter so Will doesn’t have to “cook,” check, extra feed for the chickens and ducks, check, extra hay out for the cows, check, ice machine ready, check, walker and backpack ready, check. Today, our friends, Dara and Sherri are here, helping out by packing more seed envelopes.

Dara and Sherri, busy packing seeds and ordering new envelopes.

Then, I’ve got a 20 pound, on sale for 50 cents a pound, turkey thawed out to roast this afternoon so we can have that to “pick on” for a couple of days following the surgery. Hey, I’ve got to wean myself from food to canned food, don’t I? Our weather’s turned cold, and we have about six inches of snow on the ground over ice. But I can’t complain as we’ve had an unusually mild winter, so far.

Spring is coming. This is last spring, Will tilling bush beans.

I’ve learned about light bulbs which have a built-in rechargeable battery. Who knew about those, right? They screw into regular light sockets, are LED and keep charged while the power is on. When it goes out, they come on. And they stay on for several hours! My sister, Sue, told me about them. She has a couple and when her power went out, they kept the house lighted enough to read and walk around without tripping over things. I ordered four. Living off grid, our power sometimes goes off unexpectedly and we have to walk through the dark to a flashlight. With two big dogs lying on the floor, this is often challenging. With the new bulbs strategically placed, this will be a thing of the past and may save one of us from a nasty fall — very cool!

It won’t be all that long before my daylilies start blooming; only a few months!

I’ll try and blog as soon as I’m off the bed and hitting on all cylinders. Take care and read your seed catalogs. Spring is on the way! — Jackie


  1. Hope you’re doing well and that Will flying solo during the cold snap was not too stressful. Hauled out my cold weather “duds” and realized all have “Made in America” labels. Need to replace a shirt which I am *not* looking forward to doing. Odds are I won’t find another garment that will last almost 40 years (which means I’d likely outlive it).

  2. As so many of your followers are doing, I’m peeking each day to see if you have given an update. We are all cheering you on from afar, and look forward to hearing of your progress.

  3. You have a week of healing behind you! Yay! Still praying for a speedy recovery with minimal difficulty. Blessings.

  4. You are on my prayer list for a complete recovery.

    When my dh became disabled, I learned to make sure there were no tripping hazards left around. Throw rugs – gone. Nothing left in walking paths. Shoes put away when taken off. He’s passed now, but I maintain the same rules for myself. Things might accumulate on tables or even chairs, but nothing on the floor.

  5. My husbands first thought was it you turn of the power switch do they come on? No power to them. Just like if the power went out.

  6. We had a blizzard here in Idaho yesterday. In the last three days we’ve gotten about 13” of snow and more coming today. A late start to winter but it’s making up for it! I hope this knee ends up better than the last one for you. I still have some pain and swelling in mine after 2 years which is why I’m putting off doing the other one. Best of luck!

  7. It is going to be 41 below on Friday night (live in Northern Alberta) , and still have not acclimatized to the lower temperatures yet. Got the first snow two days ago, and they forecast that water for the cattle and crops in the entire province may be at risk, this spring and summer. Please do all the things you are told to do after surgery, so you get better fast. You look after relatives so well.

  8. Oh, I hope everything goes smoothly and thoroughly! And may you have less pain and swelling, and recuperate in record time! Get there and back safely. We can’t wait to hear how you did. You’ve got this, for sure!! Sending love to you all, Jackie.

  9. We be praying for you and hopefully the surgery will be easier on you. I think it’s smart to have everything at the ready for Will and your critters. We’ve got roughly 5 inches of snow today. It was blowing sideways with the snow storms coming through. The temperature was about 20 all day today. Not going out unless I have to. Tomorrow I will need to shovel snow off the driveway and hubby’s handicap ramp for him to go to the chiropractor. If the roads are open, so we’ll see if he can go. More storms are supposed to hit again tomorrow. Again we will be praying for you!

  10. Prayers on your surgery! Here in TX we had WIND last night (55+mph). This coming weekend, our low could hit a nice balmy 7 degrees (yup, in TX)!!!!! I had (emphasize HAD) one of those light bulbs you referred to. The one I had the light needed to be on (if I recall right) when the power went out. Maybe you could share a link for one? Oh……. I said “had”…… My child (68 years old) had a temper tantrum that would impress a 5 year old and ended up breaking it……… Sigh……..

  11. Best of luck with your surgery. We have received about 11 inches of snow since yesterday evening. It’s just a mess out there! Sending prayers for a successful surgery and a blessed week.

  12. Best of luck for a speedy recovery! Please take the time to let your body heal! I love the light bulbs but mine only work if there is only one switch and doesn’t work on a three way light.

  13. Praying that all goes well Jackie! We’ll look forward to your next post but don’t hurry we all understand you’ll need time for recovery.

  14. What’s the name of the light bulbs? I want to get some for us, the kids and the grandkids!! I’ll be thinking about you during and after the surgery. Don’t push it!!!

  15. You might be getting some new snow today with that front that went across the states. Will be thinking of you as you have your knee surgery and go through recovery. Wishing you the best!

  16. Hope by this time you’re already waking up from surgery. Most knee replacements are done as out-patient now, Wow! You’re a planner and have the bases covered very well, so enjoy getting back home and focusing on you only.
    We have 7″ snow that’s blowing around, but as a former Minnesotan, I find it beautiful and am thankful to be snuggled in at home.
    I’m sending prayers and warm thoughts from Iowa.

  17. Hope your surgery goes well. I am sure all of us out here are praying for you, too. Our snow is due this weekend. In the meantime, we have had terrible winds but much needed rain. I long for several days of a gentle rain; but it seems to come all at once.

  18. Seven inches of new fallen snow here in Eastern Washington, plus temps in the 20’s with wind.

    Best wishes and prayers for your surgery and recovery. Now, back to shoveling snow!


  19. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Good luck on your surgery. Hope everything goes well.
    We are looking at a major freeze next week here in the gulf coast region of Texas. Temperatures will be in the teens and 20s for a couple of days with highs in the 30s. We had great weather through the month of December and my fall garden is still producing. I have
    Mustard Greens, Swiss Chard, Broccoli, Red Beets, Cabbage, lettuce and radishes. So, hubby and I’ve been eating out of the garden pretty much.

  20. You’ll feel like a new woman!! Amazing what doctors can do for us old folks. Just follow instructions the doc gives you and you’ll be jumping rope soon. Sincere best wishes to you.

  21. Praying for good outcome. I’ll be thinking about you. It’s impossible to keep a good woman down. When I’ve had elective surgeries I’ve always thought why did I sign up for this? It’s all to keep plugging along and continue to enjoy life. Best wishes

  22. Sending you sympathy and hopes for a swift recovery, Jackie. I’m going to have to do that fairly soon too. NOT looking forward to it. Wish you’d included a link to those cool light bulbs.

  23. today! no more thinking about it! safe travels an relax, enjoy chauffeuring. Accept being waited on. have Will donate turkey carcass to hens; they ll love it! carcass will look like a school of piranhas been in the coop! :)
    30+mph winds an rain here in pacific northwest, prelude to the forecasted single digits end of week. we’re as ready as we can be.
    take care ! Prayers for you

  24. Get well soon! Bet this second knee will go better than the last. Looking forward to your next blog..am looking at knee replacement too down the road and have been encouraged by your experience. Take care.

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