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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The 21st Year
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6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
A Backwoods Home youth golf club

40  Ask Jackie:
Growing potatoes, broody hens, grain grinders, washing eggs, etc.

28  Ayoob on Firearms:
Women and guns

74  Lenie in the kitchen
Sunday night dinner

72  Building basics
Pouring concrete

76  Irreverent joke page

82  Letters

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Cover 121
This issue’s cover is a watercolor by BHM artist Don Childers. As a model he used the page 10 photo of Eric Ainsworth, which was taken by Eric’s mom and longtime BHM writer, Dorothy Ainsworth. The fact that Don’s art appears throughout the issue is a testament to technology: at age 79, Don telecommutes from his home in Colorado, emailing back and forth with us to get all the art just right.


39  Call me plumber
By Emily Chadwick

57  Understanding the music: Winter in the High Desert
By Claire Wolfe

62  Root cellars
By Charles Sanders

68  An easy root cellar from a surprising source
By Doug Fluckiger

Food and recipes

44  Healthy, hearty soup
By Linda Gabris


8  Building Eric’s house, part 2
By Dorothy Ainsworth

51  Our super insulated home
By Fred Aydelotte

Farm and garden

20  Rhubarb, the pioneer “pie plant”
By Jackie Clay

34  Graft your own designer fruit trees
By Jackie Clay

Making a living

56  Jamie Fuchs: Producer of green cleaners
By Sylvia Gist


26  The “good” old days
By Tom Kovach

77  Abandoning the Constitution!
By John Silveira