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6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
Who was Joe Stack? Why does he matter?

60  Ask Jackie:
Drying squash, seasoning cast iron, homemade yogurt, salt pork, butter molds etc.

54  Ayoob on Firearms:
Long gun & short gun shooting similarities

80  Irreverent joke page

81  Letters

84  The Last Word:
California’s marijuana initiative: A step in the right direction

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Cover 124
This issue’s cover is a gouache (pronounced ‘gwäsh) painting by Don Childers. The impetus for it came from the water treatment article on page 43 and the fishing article on page 40, although these are crappie and not the catfish discussed in the fishing article. Don and Dave thought it up over a beer.


16  A worthwhile journey

By Kim Scheimreif

40  Jug lines, limb lines, trot lines

By Jason Akers

43  Emergency and backwoods water treatment: Part 2 — “The practice”

By Tim Thorstenson

52  The poor man’s ultra-light dual-fuel backpacking stove

By Rick Brannan


8  Build a goat cottage

By Jackie Clay

Food and recipes

26  Elderberries: Hospitality, health, and beauty

By Gail Butler

32  Ethiopian food

By Richard Blunt

78  Lenie in the kitchen: Pecan coated rock fish

By Ilene Duffy

Farm and garden

22  Vermicomposting

By Rebekah Cowell

76  A peek into the life of the Pekin duck

By Abby Walowen

Making a living

73  James Harrod: Small engine repairman

By Sylvia Gist


64  Breaking in a sodbuster

By Mel Tharp

66  Our job

By Claire Wolfe