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Backwoods Home Magazine — The Third Year
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Cover 16

Note from the publisher


The black man’s worst enemy is not racism

Quick breads for summer
Uncommon wines — another way to save the harvest

Original poems:
June Knight
Sheryl L. Nelms
John Silveira
Leila Dornak
R. Lee Rose
Hal Meili
Kyle Jarrard

Bill Meyers and guerilla videos

Magazine/Book Reviews
Old but great books
Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse Business
The Survivor

Video reviews

Just for kids:
Life in a rotten log
Why I like living in the country




Country life

Alternative energy

  • Photovoltaics in Arkansas’ Meadowcreek community help make its self reliant ideas a model for the future
  • Waterpower for personal use

Self sufficiency/Money

  • Farming crayfish for a living — the demand exceeds the supply
  • Starting a home video business
  • “Use it up, wear it out; make do or do without!”
  • Low overhead, sense of humor & personal touch are key ingredients to running a good small business


  • Accessories can make shooting safer, more productive
  • Women, self-defense and the 20-guage shotgun


  • A drip irrigation primer
  • They may be old but they work — a solar food dryer


  • Searching for the right American health care plan — Is the Medical Care Savings Account the answer?


  • The genius of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and America’s “Declaration of Independence”
  • Driving the Alaska Highway for it’s 50th birthday in 1992