Issue #2 of Backwoods Home Magazine. December/January, 1989

Issue #2

December/January, 1989

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Cover 2

  • Most Independent People of 1989
  • From Domes to Yurts, Home Ideas Get Their Inspiration from the Past
  • Solar Power — Is It the Answer for Your Electric Needs?
  • Solar Cells, Inverters and Your Personal Computer
  • Steal a Porch from the Forest
  • Sheetery stichery — Better than Paint or Wallpaper
  • How to Tell if Your Water Supply Is Safe to Drink
  • Making Water Fit to Drink
  • A Yurt Was the Answer for Geri Rose
  • Making a Living Independently by Teaching Adults to Read
  • Just for Kids — Finger Weaving
  • Letters to the Editor
  • She built Her Own Cross-country Ski Lodge
  • Vernon Hopkins — Wood Splitter, Trapper, Dowser
  • Backwoods Home Recipes
  • Fiber — the Fact and the Fiction
  • My dad was never home for Santa Claus
  • Make Some Homemade Christmas Ornaments
  • Tepee to Cabin to Dream House
  • Don’t Let Household Moisture Problems Run Amuck
  • Spice Up Your Life With Lemon Grass
  • Recycling and Capitalism Shake Hands
  • The Virtues of Vitamins — A Megadose Warning!
  • A Quake Preparation Primer
  • Great Quakes of the Past

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