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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Fourth Year
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Cover 24

Note from the publisher


Flushing toilets with other people’s money

Original poems:
John Earl Silveira

Just for kids:
Some good clean fun!

Muffin Magic
Venison recipes



Self sufficiency/Money

  • Drying food — low cost, easy way to preserve your harvest
  • Gathering low cost firewood
  • Protect your home and family from fire
  • Ostriches and emus — backwoods bonanza or feathered pyramid?
  • Small engine maintenance for women
  • Getting sugar from trees


  • Winter protection and planting of fruit trees
  • Fall pumpkins and squash

Country life

  • Preparing for snow-ins
  • Cabin fever

Independent energy

  • Wind power from the past
  • Wind power in the present
  • Thermal mass has its place, but R value is the more efficient


  • Thanksgiving — a celebration of freedom and harvest


  • Design and build a barn