Issue #25 of Backwoods Home Magazine. January/February, 1994

Issue #25

January/February, 1994

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Cover 25

Note from the publisher


   Whether it’s small town or big time, the envirnoment or health care, the government is not the answer

   Make better pizza at home than you can buy
   Cooking with dried fruit

Original poems:
   John Silveira

Just for kids:
   Readers’ page
   You in the big night sky



  • Building your own home: Part I
  • The timberwolf woodbox

Country living

  • Planning is an essential key to achieving the country life
  • Some tips on moving to your country home
  • How we bought our country home
  • A tale about tenure in the neighborhood
  • Winter ch-ch-ch-ch-chores
  • Planning a move from the city to the country
  • Living the country life
  • Researching new locations

Independent energy

  • The solar-powered silent partner

Self sufficiency/Food/Money

  • Supplement your income by teaching others your skills
  • The bow and arrow: low tech tool for food, entertainment
  • Save energy, save money


  • Make a patchwork baby bunting from scraps


  • Native of the forest: a guide to growing ginseng

Home education

  • Home schooling — is it right for your kids?
  • Some homeschooling ideas
  • Child-led learning


  • Civil forteiture — government’s license to steal our property
  • Explore the world with shortwave

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