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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Sixth Year
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Note from the publisher


Self-reliance means no scapegoats


Think of it this way:
Steam-driven cars

Where I live:
Founder — a hard lesson in horse care

Ayoob on firearms:
Selecting the backwoods battery

Wild turkey, goose and venison for the holidays
Soups for winter
Try cooking on top of your heating stove
In search of the perfect bowl of chili
Make butter the easy way

Just for kids:
Some farinaceous folly

Original poem:
John Earl Silveira




  • A DIY level that actually works

Self Sufficiency

  • Don’t miss the backwoods on-ramp to the Information Super Highway
  • Build a homestead forge and fabricate your own hardware
  • Make your own Swiss army style snowshoes
  • Here are seven help hints from Homestead 77
  • Dig a poor man’s well in the country

Country living



  • Tanning your own hide — a sportsman’s guide

Making money

Guns and hunting

  • Two classic military rifles for the homestead