Issue #6 of Backwoods Home Magazine. September/October, 1990

Issue #6

September/October, 1990

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Cover 6

Building a home

  • “What if” planning makes a house expansion easier

Alternate energy

  • Editorial — “A war that shouldn’t be”
  • Using salvaged materials to build a thermosiphon solar hot water system
  • Jack Stewart knows solar
  • Tips that will help if you are returning to wood heat
  • Wind generator Questions and Answers
  • How to keep the China Diesel purring like a kitten
  • Aluminum-air battery gives electrics 750-mile range


  • Today the world runs on oil; yesterday empires rose and fell over salt
  • Pioneer women on the trail west

Country living/Crafts/Cooking

  • How we keep humming along on the homestead
  • A short course in cutting hair
  • Backwoods Home Recipes
  • Autumn delights
  • Drying meat
  • For food production, personality and bug-eating, try chickens
  • Poison hemlock! — Don’t get this deadly plant confused with others
  • A hot Kansan yearns for winter
  • Just for Kids — Apples, apples everywhere
  • The Great Composting Toilet Adventure

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