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6   Publisher’s Note7   Editorial: Can an understanding of math and statistics save America’s freedoms?

54   Ask Jackie: Wild meat, gardening, salsa, goats, canning, diabetes, and more

30   Energy Works

18   Think of it this way…:The coming American dictatorship

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50   Ayoob on Firearms:
The armed private business

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Cover 66
John Dean painted the redwood cover from a photograph, then added the small house to the forest floor.
It’s easy to imagine the serenity of spending time in a house and forest like this. No neighbors within a 20-mile radius. When you step out the front door, you hear birds, the creek, even the leaves as they fall.
There’s much work to do here, and wood needs cutting for the winter.


Country living

8  Tale of a county family   By Rachel Baxter

When Dianna met her future husband, Dave Saleh, she was a single mother living a self-reliant life with her five children in a cabin in the woods of Washington state. She hunted, raised her own vegetables, and worked at a dairy to make ends meet. This is the story of how she turned her life around.

13  The perfect backwoods horse   By Dianna Saleh

Dianna Saleh writes about her unusual and uniqe looking Fjord horses, which are tough, brave, smart, and strong Norwegian horses.

Energy Works

30  Harnessing the wind   By Michael Hackleman

Michael Hackleman interviews Mick Sagrillo, the president of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) and one of the country’s foremost experts on wind power. You’ll find many tips on how to harness the wind at your homestead.

40  Finding and restoring a 1930s Wincharger   By Michael Hackleman and Craig Worthley


26  Masonry stoves — what’s old is new   By Margene Whitler Hucek

53  An easy-to-make pot rack   By Clay Sawyer

74  Make your own insulated waterer   By Clay Sawyer

75  Home canning safety tips   By Liz Case

Home canning is a simple way to take greater control of your family’s health and budget. In this article you’ll find valuable details about updating your canning recipes, maintaining your pressure canner, and what to do about spoiled foods.


60  Theories of the universe   By Dave Duffy

Since the dawn of time men have tried to unravel the secrets of the universe in which we live. In this article Dave Duffy explores the theories of the universe from Aristotle to the present day.


24  A Native American feast   By Jackie Clay

Native Americans did not celebrate “Thanksgiving,” but feasted with joy the fall hunts and stored crops. In this collection of recipes, you’ll find venison and wild rice, wild blueberry cobbler, fry bread, and baked squash.

72  Hungarian venison stew   By Tom R. Kovach


58  Use homemade decorations to brighten the holidays   By Olga Robertson