Sorry BHM family, I’ve been sick this last week — 7 Comments

  1. Sorry you’re felling “under the weather” Jackie.
    We hope you & Mom are doing well soon

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that your mom is doing better also. I was starting to worry about you. Just like you said it is a bad time to get sick with so much work to do. I also haven’t eaten swiss chard. I want to. I try anything once and I’m not real picky so I’m sure I’d love it. When it comes to any kind of green, I never seen one I didn’t like.

  3. Jackie,
    So very glad to hear you’re better. I get your blog on my homepage and everyday this week I eagerly looked to see if there was a new one…. Thrilled to see today was the day. I see your book is out and have just ordered it. Can’t wait (rubbing hands together gleefully). Glad you and mom are on the mend.

  4. I am ashamed to say I have never eaten swill chard. Is it some thing like spinach? I love that. Am buying vegis to can, beets to spice and maybe some potatoes for sure. And carrots. Love them glazed.