After our hard freeze, we are madly canning up more than 40 gallons of tomatoes — 8 Comments

  1. Re: Storing potatoes in plastic tubs — I found that they keep better if you drill holes in the tubs. Just take a 1/4 inch drill and have at it — top, bottom, and sides. It allows them to breathe, I guess. They keep for me, too, right up to planting time, when I plant them complete with sprouts.

  2. Jackie,
    Thoughts and prayers are sent out to you and the family. Both of my parents are gone now, and it is never easy trying to juggle, life, sickness, and caring for an ailing parent. Hopefully she will respond to whatever the hospital is doing to help her. I do know how exhausting this all is, but God wouldn’t let you live it if he didn’t think you could handle it, and you will, stay strong.
    As a newcomer to BHM, I am buying books as fast as I can, your canning book is next. With a cellar full of food, I am still looking for things to can, the garden is about finished, and now I have taken to buying large quantities of produce at the farmers auction, just so I can have something to can, I think you have created a monster….
    Stay well.

  3. Jackie, sorry to read your mother isn’t doing so well. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I would suggest that Kathy Markes blanch any veggies before she freeze’s them to retain the vitamins and flavor. I’ve had to do that when I raised more than I could eat fresh, but not enough for a canner load. Judy

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mom, and your family! What a mercy that Will is there to be a source of strength and a true helpmate in these tough times.

  5. I will keep you all in my prayers, it is very exhausting physically and mentally to love, care and have concern for someone you love. Your mom is very blessed to have your family to care for her. Wish you all a speedy recovery, that crud seems to hang on and on, especially the fatigue. Thanks for still taking time for us, you are truly amazing!

  6. We are also sorry to hear of your mother’s health. Just went through this in February with my Mom. They just get so tired out; and then the next day here they go again, up and at em. Back and forth. Prayers for all of you for better health, happiness and to deal with what God’s plan is for you and your family.

  7. I’m sorry to hear about your mom, Jackie. I hope she rallies. Be sure to take care of yourself.

  8. Jackie,

    Sorry to hear your mother isn’t well and that you all are still fighting the bad colds. We’ll keep the whole family in our prayers.