I’m canning again… Still? — 4 Comments

  1. I actually like canning in the winter the best. A lot cooler in the kitchen and a lot less outdoor activities to keep me from canning. That’s the time to do all the soups, beans, etc.

    Jackie, I love your blog.

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  3. I would LOVE to have my own chickens!
    Your finished product looks delicious.
    I loved your previous post with your snow. It looks like a good time to curl up with a book and some home canned soup!

  4. I have learned that canners never get put away at my house either. When I’m not canning meats, it is extra soup, or beans, etc. I can’t wait to get my own chickens for fresh eggs and meat. My hubby guarantees next spring we will get some. I just finished canning my first of 3 store bought turkeys. I bought the biggest ones I could find, each is 20+ lbs. This means lots of meat canned. You have been my inspiration and my encouragement to become well stocked with food. Thanks for all your advice, here on this blog and in BWH.