Q and A: traumatized hens and raising poultry and pigs — 1 Comment

  1. HELP. Our Delaware hens have turned CANNABILISTIC. They literally are ripping each other apart daily and look pathetic (rather ironic as we decided on the Delaware breed for their beautiful looks and known tasty meat).

    Have secure coop.

    Have secure fenced in area open to them every day with free access to coop at all times.

    Have changed food numerous times.

    Have turned off fall and winter light, also tried changing watt from 60 to 40…no difference.

    Use pine wood chips from local TSC for bedding.

    Give mixed grain daily in addition to regular feed so they have plenty to peck at.

    Have tried the salt water treatment.

    Have tried the poultry grain and mineral block.

    Do have a penned-in, outside dog but a good distance from the chickens area.

    Live in country on a 100’x200′ lot with neighbors on top of us on all three sides.

    They (the chickens not the neighbors) have always seemed aggressive toward each other….although not very trusting, they have never attacked us or our small grandkids. We do not handle our chickens as pets.

    We have 11 Delaware hens, all the same age that we ordered directly from a hatchery in July of 2011.

    Any suggestions? Have you ever experienced such widespread cannibalism? Thanks in advance.