Hey! Spring’s back — 6 Comments

  1. Cute grandbaby!! I have 9 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I have so much fun when I get to see them all. Bill is your son as is David. Do you ever see your adopted children? We have a kind of adopeted son who lives in Brizil, he is from there, and while we see him on rare occasion, we hear from him a lot by email and the telephone. He is one of my children as far as I am concerned. Children are God’s gift, all of them.

  2. What wonderful pictures! You really resemble your mom!! (both lovely!!!) and that Mason is a cutie! He will be ready for a pony in the blink of an eye! I can hardly beleive that my oldest son is 30…he was just 12 a few weeks ago..right??? But grandkids make it worthwhile!
    Have a great week…and I am so grateful always for all your advice..I read it all and have learned alot from you!

  3. Wow Jackie, your mom looks great–I’d have guessed 72, not 92! Looks like you have longevity in your genes, so take specially good care of yourself! (Apparently even your livestock has that longevity gene–I’m awed that your pony made it to 42!) I hope Mason comes to love the chickens, but you’re so right, he’ll definitely love riding!

  4. It’s obvious you and your Mom both are enjoying your grandson and great-grandson, respectively… that’s great, and he’s a fine-looking young man!

    When I go out in the morning, I’ll blow really hard to the North, and try to get some of our warm Texas weather up to you :)

  5. Just wanted to say “thanks for the advice”. And what a cutie of a grandson that is!

  6. Mason is beautiful! Bet he will be ready for a pony before you know it! Thanks for all the pictures. Living in Texas we never see that much snow…well, no much snow at all!