A few pumkin moons brought on cold and lots of canning — 5 Comments

  1. I was just kidding, guys. No, I don’t “should” myself. I just wanted to be a little more under control because I wanted the place nicer for Will. He definitely didn’t expect it. Luckily for me, he’s the kind of guy who’ll grab a broom and sweep a floor if it needs it, and not give me the “guilt trip” thing. He knows how we live and is glad of it. Thank God!


  2. I agree with your response about using animal grade grain for human needs and would like to add: If you’ve ever peeked into the back of a grain truck comming from the harvest, you’d see that there are almost as many critters as there is seed. So, most grains are fumigated with pesticides as soon as they reach the silo. Definately rendering them a meal of last resort.

  3. I agree with Holly! You can have a clean house and no life, or you can eat for the winter and enjoy yourself to the fullest! If Will wants a clean house, he can clean it after he works all day outside, making a good life for those he loves.
    You are where I would have been 28 years ago had I not gotten married but have had a wonderful husband for 27 years and two great sons. But he has no intrest in being self-sufficient at all. He thinks I should hoe the garden and do with out a tiller because his grandmother did. But I work at my garden and every year try to be more efficient at what I do there. And can a lot.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Ok, Jackie – I’m going to give you some (unsolicited) advice. When I read this on your blog: “But I’m disappointed, too, because with all that canning, my house is a wreck and I really needed to clean more so he doesn’t think I live like a pig! And, of course, that didn’t happen.” and I wanted to tell you this:

    Don’t “SHOULD” on Yourself! :) (All of us women do that! WHY???)

    You’ve got a lot on your plate! I think you’re an amazing woman with creative, cool ideas that require a LOT of hard work – and you manage to handle it with optimism and enviable grace. Be yourself and watch him be amazed.