With Will here, we’re getting ready for winter faster — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, it IS great to be in love with a handy guy! But more than that, he’s considerate, fun and communicates. And, yes, we do have a LOT in common, especially what we like and want out of life. So every day is exciting and it’s great to walk around the place in the evening and see what we have accomplished during the day, the week.

    Will is planning to make a permanent move to Minnesota around January 9th….God willing and the crick don’t rise.


  2. My husband and I have been canning apple butter for several years using a crockpot. Our method is to chop up washed, whole fruit and set the crockpot on low with an inch or so of water (or apple juice) in the bottom to prevent scorching. We turn the pot on before bed, and turn it off in the morning, leaving the lid on. When we get home from work that evening, the apples have cooled, and we put them through a food mill to remove pits, stems and peel. Measure your fruit into your pot (we use 6 cups apple puree, 2 cups sugar, and several teaspoons of spices to taste – your recipe may vary depending on the sweetness of your apples). We find we don’t need to strain off any juice, and simply bring the mixture slowly to a boil on the stove before canning. A second stay in the crockpot would thicken puree from apples with more juice before cooking and canning.

  3. We do something similar for the well by the barn, only we do not cut out a hole in the round bale but basically force it down on tha casing usually with the help of the tractor bucket. and it works really well especially since the old machine shed that protected it from most of the snow and wind has now been taken down

  4. Oh, Jackie, this is so romantic! I just wish Will were able to come out there for good!!! Soon, I hope!!!

  5. I’m so glad you’ve found such a handy guy to have around the place. I too am fortunate to have a fairly handy guy and they’re worth their weight in gold or at least mulch…lol. Love your blog, I keep it on my homepage so I don’t miss a thing.