We had a baby girl! — 12 Comments

  1. For the lady fighting fleas in LA. I won the battle while living in the Sc Lowcountry, So I really understand your definition of “everywhere”. A dear friend was K-9 officer and swore by Sevin Dust. It worked wonders, it has to be reapplied outside after it rains, and I did have wood floors, but I found no problems. For the pets I did as he showed and dusted it right on them. I have heard concerns about pet’s health, but the Lab died of old age just shy of his 18th birthday and I am looking at two 17 and 18 year old kitties, so none of use had any adverse health problems from it. Some Pennyroyal planted near the doors and low windows doesn’t hurt either, fleas loathe it.

  2. About the fleas, we always had great luck with Borax. Its in the laundry detergent Aisle, usually in a gray box called 20 Mule Team Borax. Sprinke it dry on carpets and furniture, wait about an hour or 2, and then vacuum up. Works great, and totally deodorizes and brightens your carpet and upholstery. For fleas on pets, just dissolve some borax in their bath water. Kills and repels fleas. Also, on the carpets and furniture, this will even take out odors from smoking.

  3. I recommend that Regina White get herself a freeze dryer for keeping her preserved coffee fresh. I have not checked the prices, but there seem to be many types available; and it is good for just about every thing else. It works on the old trick called Sublimation.

  4. She is just precious! Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful information on here, as well as the fun stuff :-)

  5. I have been awaiting the arrival of your new baby since you mentioned you ware going to grandparents. That is a great gift for you congrats to you. Keep us updated as she grows. Enjoy.

  6. We have had an outdoor wood furnace over ten years and we love it. No wood splitting…if you can heave it in the stove you can burn it! We had ours plumbed so that we can heat all our domestic water with it or not…we keep a small fire all year round (in MO) to heat water but we can flip the electric water heater on when canning season arrives as the furnace doesn’t heat it up fast enough if you are really doing alot of preserving. We are on the grid but working on wind generation.

    Also, you can get case lots of name brand canning jars lids–any size and super fast service at You will have to search a bit. They also carry candle supplies and lots of decorative jars if you make jellies. We sell some of our honey this way. I love your blog and Crystal is adorable! DEE

  7. For Sharon wanting to move north-Another thought for you is to consider way up north to the International Falls, MN area. Property is very reasonable and you will only need a building permit when building in the country. You would be about an hour and one-half to 2 hours from other areas like Hibbing, Virginia, Grand Rapids and Bemidji. People are very nice and neighborly. Also, you would have Rainy Lake, Voyagers National Park & the Boundary waters all in your back yard. Check it out!

  8. Congrats on your little girl, Jackie! She is a beauty! Can’t wait to see what you’ll name her. And thanks for the cracker recipe, too. Looks like a good one!

  9. Oops, I got so excited by the picture I forgot to read the caption! Crystal is a great name!

  10. Re: Old Coffee. My uncle drank old coffee and went wacko! Chased my aunt around with a shotgun. She managed to call my mom and then hid in the little house around the water well. We found my dad and all three of us went as fast as we could…still had to call the sheriff and the local doctor came to check him out. It was a bad situation but came out okay. I make fresh coffee all the time…one cup at a time when that’s all that is needed. Boy, I sure hope the person who wrote about canning coffee reads this and decides to just brew fresh all the time!

  11. Just a quick note to the lady in Ohio who’s question was if round or square bales of hay were better. I have heard the government has outlawed round bales….because the horses/cattle weren’t getting a square meal.
    Darnell Rogers
    Ardne NC

  12. About fleas: I’ve found that the husks from black walnuts work well to repel fleas, flies, and even bedbugs. They stain everything, so when using them in the house I keep them in some kind of container, such as the little trash can in my bedroom. After a while they dry to a powder, and you can put them at the bottom of a potpourri dish and fill it with potpourri, no one will know its a flea repellent :p

    Lavender essential oil also works well, although the scent is a little strong for some people.