The horse pasture gets a renovation — 3 Comments

  1. RE:glass top stoves and canning. I’ve used mine sucessfully for 10 years. The only concession I made was to fill the pressure cooker with water on the stove and let cool on the stove stove,take out jars and then move so not as big of chance of dropping the heavy cooker. Only big problem is determining what level keeps it at the correct pressure.

    We had a Sears guy here fixing our frig and I asked him about this story and he said is was just that–a story. Yes, it is glass and it can break but he’d not seen it happen yet. We just re-installed our non-electric propane stove d/t the co-op’s outrageous rate hike or I’d still be using mine….the top was great for rolling out piecrust! DEE

  2. You can also get wheat (red or white) and beans (black, white and pinto) from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. They do regular shipments to members farther away from a big city. Look up their missionaries in your local phone book. Tell them you are not a member, but are interested in ordering from the cannery. They can put you in touch with their local Relief Society and someone who can help you get into the group order. Here is a link to thier order form so you can compare prices. You can order it in #10 cans or on the far right side of the form, you can just get the 25 lb bag.

  3. We too have an electic cooktop so had the same problem with canning. We live north of the Dallas metroplex so looked on Craigslist and bought a used gas cooktop, never could find a propane one. Ebay had them but was always too high for my money.

    The jets will have to be changed from gas to propane but that is not a big deal, just get them from the hardware store or order online. Next, my husband is setting the cooktop in a small moveable platform that we can sit on the kitchen bar during canning season. We will use a portable propane bottle as our home is total electric. The bottle will be outside. This way, I will have four burner surfaces for canning and will still have my electric stove to use for simmering the jar lids or making dinner or whatever else I need.

    I’ve bought several things off of Craigslist. Just been careful when going to get them if you know what I mean. Always left phone numbers and directions for my husband and took someone with me, everytime. I advertised in a wanted ad for canning jars. I had someone call that their aged mother had some to sell and bought over 700 ajrs. I am loaded and ready for a “bear” of a garden this year and didn’t spend a lot of money to get that way. Now if the garden and the hot weather will just cooperate!