Of donkeys and tomatoes — 8 Comments

  1. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful our goat is, and how we would not own anything else. We have started making cheese/ice cream/smoothies/bread and i now send cheese to my two vegetarian sons in richmond Va, they love it.

  2. Nancy,

    Brassicas are “cabbage family” vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Sorry to be confusing! If you can outdoors, be sure to keep out of the wind as this can cause fluctuations in your pressure due to cooling winds. The best of luck.


  3. Thank you for the update on the the “Babies” they are the greatest. Keep us posted with their progress it is like having them here with us. By the way you also have a great smile.

  4. Thanks Jackie – I managed to get a one propane burner on the weekend. I was ready to plan all my bedding plants this weekend but we got frost – frost for our may longweekend is unheard of – my old province of Alberta has snow today and tomorrow! Yeesh what’s happening with the weather. Hope you didn’t get any frost last night.

    Hopefully I can plant my bedding plants (herbs and tomatoes) later this week.

    Now I’m off to find a pressure canner.

    Take care and again thanks for the advice.

    M Blaney

  5. A reader asked you about using a pressure canner on a small healing element. My former husband uses a hotplate every year for his canning outside. (doesn’t heat up the house) He puts up many, many jars of food with great results and luck. Hope this helps everyone. I plan to use my hotplate also this year. I live in a mobile home and about die from the heat inside.

  6. I used to train all my young horses from birth. By the time they were three, you could get on and they even knew about reining. But after a broken lower back, two broken ankles, a broken neck and a hip replacement, my son does the training and he does not have the time to spend that I did. But I can finally ride again after about 4 years of bad hip.
    I don’t breed any more so my youngest mare is 5 years old and untrained. But she will be easy.

  7. what is brassicas? I think I have heard of that term but do not remember.
    I need to get a propane table top burner as I love canned chicken and my husband does not like the smell of canning or cooking chicken at all. So until I get my canning kitchen up, I will have to can them out side away from the house.