It’s a boy! And a girl! — 5 Comments

  1. Have been gone to a small fair in Indiana selling almonds. Missed my daily fix of your blog very much. Glad to see baby donkey and hear about baby goats. Missed the MRE fair. Wanted to meet the rest of the BHM people. Had to cancel at the last minute. But sold lots of almonds.

  2. The babies are gorgeous! I love baby goats, and baby donkeys…okay, I admit it, I just love baby animals. *grins*

  3. Those babies are sooooooooo cute. And David has grown up to be a very nice looking young man.

  4. Jackie thanks for your answer, I will now proceed with my purchases. I do freeze my dry milk, but will begin putting it in jars though I’ve never had trouble with bugs…yet. Congrats on your new babies – they are adorable! Glad all went well.

  5. aww, love that donkey picture. Look at how proud that Mama looks of her baby.