While I’m busy canning, Will and David get the storage barn roof covered — 3 Comments

  1. Just thought you’de be interested to know that the same scam was tried on me in Fresno,CA. I had advertised goats and farm equipment in several different Craigslist ads and got the same type of email response. At first I thought it was legitimate but then I caught on quick! Kathy

  2. We can ground meat that has been browned. We use it in spagetti sauce, chilli, sloppy joes, SOS, etc. Also use cubes similar to Jacki. Try curry in the sauce over rice. When we butcher large animals we simmer the bones and can the stock for soup base etc.
    Howard, Kenny Lake Alaska

  3. Jackie, Glad to hear things are going better with your mom. Boy, you jolted me back to some good memories about the Yates Cider Mill! I also went there every year with either family or Girl Scouts, and loved the cider, and just running around the great outdoors there! My children still go there with our grandchildren. Thanks for the memory trip back!