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  1. Lisa from Texas: Hi there! I have much experience baking bread, and I can help you.

    1. Crumbly dough when it’s going into the pan means you need MUCH more water, not just a little. Can you send me your recipe so I can see where you’re starting from?

    2. Brushing with vegetable oil won’t do anything except make the dough stiff. The milk solids in the butter brown, and that’s what gives your bread a sheen. Glaze with melted butter. You can also glaze bread with a mixture of half egg white and half water (VERY shiny glaze).

    3. Dense and heavy bread is caused by a few things, but I’m guessing that you didn’t knead it long enough. Knead your dough, whether by hand or by machine, until it is smooth (no crumbs, no lumps), elastic (it will start to fight you and be quite stiff, depending on your moisture content), and most importantly, SHINY.

    Email me! I could talk about bread all day. kldickinson1 (at) gmail (dot) com.