Squash, squash, and more squash…not to mention pumpkins! — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful batch of squash and pumpkins! I also had a nice haul of winter squash but nothing like yours. My only disappointment was that none of my hopi grey germinated. I didn’t talk to the company about it but may try again next year. If you find yourself with an over abundance of hopi seeds do you think you might offer them for sale?

    Regarding the creased canning lids. I had a few that did this. I think the new silver lids are thinner and may be more prone to creasing. I emailed the company and they would only say that creasing happens when the bands are over tightened. I’ve been canning 35+ years and have only seen it happen this year with the silver lids. They are holding their seals so far.

  2. Jackie and Will, Sure glad you two are continuing to mend! The harvest looks great! Love that pumpkin. We’ll be gathering ours this weekend; we always look forward to that time. To Trint from Utah, the lid crease happens to me now and then too and I agree with Jackie that as long as the seal was good, the crease doesn’t seem to matter.

  3. Hurray for squash!

    I’m jealous of you, Jackie. Of the dozens of seeds I planted this year, the only thing that grew is one pathetic-looking pumpkin.
    (I’m thinking calcium deficiency, but I have to get my soil tested)

    Hopefully someday I’ll be showing off pictures of a harvest like yours!