Indian Summer has come; we’re feeling great and getting a lot done — 3 Comments

  1. Re: canning wild rice: Sorry, Jackie, I’m confused. What is “processed but uncooked wild rice”? When you fill the jar to within 4″, do you then add more broth to get it to within 1″?

  2. Jackie, your house…your view, it all looks so beautiful! So glad you are getting stronger everyday. I wanted to add a comment to Laurie about the rice. Perhaps you are only interested in canning your food, but I always cook a large batch of wild rice at a time since it doesn’t take any longer to cook a big pot than just enough for a meal. I then freeze what I don’t want to use right away. Just pop it into quart freezer bags and stick it in the freezer, works beautifully. It thaws out exactly the same as fresh and so easy to just break off a little bit to throw in soup or use for any stirfry, etc. Just a thought. I am going to try canning some too though, freezer is getting packed.