We’re already getting ready for next winter — 2 Comments

  1. I thought there were certain types of wood people didn’t burn in their stoves, do to the extra buildup in the stove pipes. Do you have any problem, and how do you clean the pipes. Can anyone do it, or is it best to hire a professional? I hadn’t seen anyone ask this question, and as much as you use your wood burners, I know you are the person that can answer this question.

  2. Jacqueline, when I can my chicken soup I don’t add noodles…partly because of the guidelines warning against it, but more because adding noodles makes the soup less versatile, IMO. If I can it with noodles, then the family is stuck with chicken noodle soup…sometimes they want pasta shapes, other times they want rice or potatoes as the starch in the soup.

    So, I can it as plain chicken soup, then, when I’m heating it up, I just toss in the craved starch and let it cook while the soup heats. :)