Spring’s on the way so we’re finishing indoor projects fast — 5 Comments

  1. My grandfather had a chest type freezer buried at the edge of his garden with about three inches and the door above ground only. He kept it filled with dirt and some of his garden scraps. He kept worms in there and when we wanted to go fishing we never wanted for bait. He had drilled out the latch so noone could get trapped in it. Although filled with dirt, I didn’t see how we could have.
    Another way to have worms is to put like a goats watering trough under rabbit cages, if you raise rabbits. The poo and the kibbles that fall through the cage floor will fall into the troughs, giving the worms plenty of food to ingest.
    You need to keep moisture in both of these containers, just not overly so.
    You would get plenty of worm casings from either of these for your flower beds.

  2. Jackie,

    Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement to can meat. I was hestitant, but after putting up 5 lbs of boneless chicken in broth I felt very good about my work.

    A week later (just to check ;) we opened a jar and had the best chicken noodle soup ever for dinner! My family was a bit surprised that the freshly opened jar of meat smelled like “real” cans of chicken soup from the store.

    The rest of my jars are sitting there nicely, ready and waiting in my pantry!
    I thought it only right to send you a great big thank you for your help!

    Cheryl in Bakersfield, CA

  3. Looks wonderful Jackie and Will! Hooray spring is finally getting here!

  4. It looks great so far. I love the look of natural wood with stain on it. There’s nothing better.