Q and A: Plucking chickens and Canning potatoes — 3 Comments

  1. Unless you plan on cooking the chicken with skin on, you might consider skining the bird. I use a plucker for my birds, but my friend skins all his and prefers it.

  2. Hi Cindy, My husband uses his needle nose pliers to get those stubborn last quills. At first, I thought it was silly but I have to admit it really does work pretty good. It’s great that your kids want to know how and learn from you. You go girl!

  3. We have a burner from a turkey fryer. We put an old canner full of water on there and let it boil. It’s hooked up to propane. We always have hot water that way for dipping chickens. When I dunk the chickens I dunk them about 15 times up and down so the water gets under the feathers. Pull out the chicken and see how easy the tail feathers or wing feathers come out. If the feather pulls easily you are ready to pluck.

    We use pliers to pull any harder feathers. Also if you really have that many pin feathers let the birds grow another week or so to let those feathers become mature. You can pick up a live bird and run your hands backwards against the feathers to see how many pin feathers you are dealing with.

    And have fun while butchering! We have shared some of the funniest stories while plucking!!!