Q and A: canning meat and canning lard — 2 Comments

  1. In 2015 sealing lard in jars this way is a wonderful way to store it, but before we overthink/overstress over this ladies my granny stored hers in lard stands. These were a large container the equivalent of a 5 gallon cookie tin. Great granny used a crock with a cloth tied over the top with string!
    Let me share a method of storing sausage I had never heard of. An 85 year old told me how in very lean times his mom would form the sausage into balls, then stack these balls into clean corn husks (dried & cobb removed) carefully pulling/overlapping the leaves of the husk to seal it in, then tie up the end. These were hung in the smoke house. This interested the heck out of me, so I gave it a try. No smoke house so I put mine in the fridge for 5 days. It was wonderful! It develops a rind like air dried salami. But like the guy told me, the cornshuck imparted a flavor. I was trying to duplicate a 75 year old memory…. by taking a swing at it, done correctly I bet it was good.

  2. Thanks Michelle for asking that question on storing lard. My dad and I discussed how his mom kept lard, and did he think we could do that. He said the same thing as Jackie, and the stories he told. He enjoyed the remembrances of his mother and passing them on. Funny how the smallest question could bring on such big smiles. Good luck to you. Dad is just a few months shy of 90 now. I am interested in canning REAL bacon bits, and I didn’t want to toss good fat, bacon gravy and chicken fried in bacon fat – oh my. My mouth is watering thinking about it.
    Jackie you have officially created a monster! My next project is canning sweet and sour chicken.