The cold weather worked in our favor — 7 Comments

  1. Here in the Copper Basin we got a good shake of the house according to the ladies of the house because I slept through it! No damage. My crew in Seward felt many of the after shocks too but no damage. My grand daughter in law freeked and was afraid she would have a heart attack but she is fine in the end. We have had unusually warm weather (mostly teens and twenties) and lots of cloud cover which is making this dark time of the year even darker. It’s not full light until 9:30 and starts getting dark about 3:30.

    • i’m real glad to hear you escaped damage. But really, Howard, you SLEPT through the earthquake??? Boy I’ll bet you caught heck about that! Yep, it’s pretty dark here; full light at about 8:00 and it starts getting dark at about 4:30 so I know what you mean. I feel like a chicken; ready to go to bed at 6 PM….

    • You’ve got that right. And so much of the big-box store meat is irradiated too. I don’t want that! Ugh.

  2. How do you create your power now
    Do you charge up batteries with a generator
    We would like to try that

    • We started out by charging our batteries with a generator but that takes a lot of gas. So we first added some small solar panels which helped some. Then we added four large solar panels plus a second-hand wind generator which helped a whole lot. Now we’re adding 9 more big solar panels which should just about do away with our gasoline use in the generator. Hooray!

      • A little advice from someone who lives at almost 62 north latitude with 5000 foot mountains five miles south of us. If the sun shines we get about an hour on the panels this time of year and with this weird weather year we haven seen any in two weeks. To efficiently charge the battery bank we have a n Iota 45 amp charger hard wired into the main bank. This charger has a built in charge controller built in with three stage charging. You can get larger chargers if you have a bigger bank. To save on run time we went with propane lighting and refrigeration when we started twenty years ago. We have a 12 volt sunfrost freezer on the porch with its own panel and battery bank and backup charging. Usually this time of year the ambient temp is much colder than the freezer but we have had to watch this lately as for instance we had 33 this morning. We get most of our wind in summer so a wind charger wouldn’t help our sun less winters. Just some workaround ideas.