Our sunshine continues — 8 Comments

  1. Beautiful puzzle!! I love to work them but my cat is such a menace that I have given it up.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. Our cat, Mittens, been known to knock pieces off the table and then carry them off. More than one puzzle has a missing piece or two that I have to manufacture. Bad cat!

  2. Back when I was in college, daughter in high school, hubby teaching VocTech, the stress with finals and Christmas approaching at the same time was enormous. For some reason, I dumped a jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table in the middle of the chaos. I couldn’t believe the change in the atmosphere. We never had time to sit down to work it. But as we passed, we would stop to put a piece in here or there. It just seemed to calm things down. For years after, I would buy a Christmas themed puzzle the end of November. It became a tradition with my daughter and I. One year, we didn’t get it done in time for Christmas dinner. So we plopped the tablecloth on top of it and finished it later.

    • Ha ha. That happened to us last Christmas! Nobody knew they were eating on top of an unfinished puzzle! We love having one out all the time, just as your family did. Like you say, whoever is passing by can’t resist stopping to find a piece or two.

  3. WOW! That will be a major Merry Christmas for you both. We are having some fine weather here in SW Missouri, too…wonderful. Blessings for the holidays and the New Year.

    • Oh yes it will! It’s amazing at how much you get done outside when the weather’s moderate, isn’t it? Merry Christmas to you and the best New Year!