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Ginger beer
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Jackie Clay

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4 oz. dried ginger root
1 gallon water
juice from 1 medium lemon
1 pkg. active dry yeast
1/2 lb. sugar


Pound or grind the ginger root, then boil it in ½ gallon of water for 20 minutes. Remove and set aside. Mix lemon juice and pkg. of dry yeast in a cup of warm water and add to the ginger root water. Pour in remaining water and let mixture sit for 24 hours. Strain out the root bits and stir in the sugar well. Bottle in sterilized glass bottles and place in refrigerator. Don’t store at room temperature or bottles may explode. Makes ten 12-oz. bottles.

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  1. Hello, I have a question on the ginger. The ingredient list calls for dry powdered ginger but the recipe direction say to pound or grind the ginger. question is, could I use fresh ginger in the same amount instead of the dry and just pound or grind the ginger? Thanks for the information! Can’t wait to try it.


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