Issue #1 of Backwoods Home Magazine. October/November, 1989

Issue #1

October/November, 1989

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Cover 1

  • Note from the publisher

  • A Little Knowledge and Sweat Can Build a Home for Under $10,000

  • Wood as a Heating Fuel — Hardwoods are the best but pine has its place

  • Solar Cells Grow in Popularity as Home Electricity Source

  • Tony Lamb, Inventor of the Solar Cell

  • The Facts of Life

  • The Old Days — A telephone for Vailsburg

  • A Woman Alone making a Life in the Backwoods

  • Become Self-sufficient with Vegetable Beds

  • The Beaver Pond

  • Backwoods Home Recipes

  • “The Perfect Defense” — a short story

  • A Country Photo

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Backwoods Property

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Water


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