Issue #10 of Backwoods Home Magazine. July/August, 1991

Issue #10

July/August, 1991

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Cover 10

Note from the publisher


   Politically Correct

Just for Kids:
   Daily life of the pioneers
   Kid’s Funny Drawing Contest

   Twenty year update: Carla Emery and her old fashioned recipe book


   Backwoods Home Recipes
   Fountain treats from the fifties

Original Poems:
   John Silveira

Magazine/Book reviews
   Weeds: Control Without Poisons
   Slo Lane Journal
   Successful Small-Scale Farming
   Adrift, 76 Days Lost At Sea
   Alternative Energy Sourcebook



  • How one man made the American dream come true
  • Build durable wooden riding toys
  • Instructions for building a toy horse
  • Building for indoor air quality
  • Make lifting easy with a rope and the principles of “mechanics”

Alternative Energy

  • Photovoltaics — Is the big price breakthrough just aroundt he corner?
  • Water systems for homesteads with alternative electrical systems
  • Is methane on your homestead practical?
  • A tour of some alternative energy homes in the Pacific Northwest

Electric Vehicles

  • Converting a gas car to electricity: What to keep, what to scrap

Country living

  • The Ozark Hills — lost mountains of the Midwest
  • Tips on dealing with mosquitoes
  • No more splitting headaches — a beginners guide to splitting firewood

Self sufficiency/Money

  • How to make soap — from fat to finish
  • Make twenty dollars per hour by baling and selling straw
  • The next time you take a vacation, why not mix business with pleasure
  • Achieving total self-sufficiency in five years or less


  • The instant greenhouse
  • Co-planting in the vegetable garden


  • Injured and sick wildlife get a lease on life


  • Easy-to-make window valences

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