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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The 21st Year
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6  Editorr’s Note

7  Editorial:
The Second Revolution is on the way!

66  Ask Jackie:
Seasoning cast iron, mold, horseradish, canning pears, etc.

8  Ayoob on Firearms:
The Appleseed Project

50  Irreverent joke page

69  Product Review
Tattler reusable canning lids

81  Letters

84  The last word:
The Supreme Court was correct to overturn the Campaign Reform Act

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Cover 123
This issue’s cover is a gouache painting by Don Childers. As a model he used a photo from the Appleseed Project’s website, The impetus for the painting was the article by Massad Ayoob, beginning on page 8, about a weekend Appleseed shoot he attended.


16  An Appleseed reunion   By Susan Hogue

58  Pasteurizing milk   By Patrice Lewis

70  Fear, freedom, adventure, and the backwoods   By Claire Wolfe


26  Building Eric’s house, part 3   By Dorothy Ainsworth

Food and recipes

18  Wild edibles in delectable dishes   By Rebekah Cowell

45  The sweet side of sourdough   By Linda Gabris

79  Lenie in the kitchen: Curried lentil soup   By Ilene Duffy

Farm and garden

38  Tomatoes, the essential garden crop   By Charles Sanders

44  Tub gardening   By Kim Dieter

51  Our search for the perfect goat   By Jackie Clay

Making a living

64  Debbra Thompson: Fabric retailer   By Sylvia Gist


62  Aprons of memories   By Bobbie Shafer

74  The Tea Party Movement!   By John Silveira