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Reaching for the stars during a recession

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Composting horse manure, curing onions, flea beetles, reusable canning lids, carrot rust fly, etc.

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Big boomer guns

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Naturally Cozy, a cottage industry

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The time-travel ad

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Magnesium and the International Criminal Court

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Cover 125
Don Childers painted this scene to support our lead article by Tanya Kelley. We searched through dozens of photos of old oak forests to find something that had that crisp autumn feel. Soon these pigs will be turned into ham, bacon, and sausage, thanks to Kelley’s advice and Linda Gabris’s sausage recipe.


8  Butchering a hog   By Tanya Kelley

36  Chainsaw sharpening   By Steven Gregersen

40  Small game fills a large pot   By Michael D. Faw

60  Building and stocking your pantry   By Jackie Clay

78  Emergency and backwoods water treatment: Part 3 — “Taking it to the field”   By Tim Thorstenson


22  Build an attached solar greenhouse   By David Lee

90  Raising JayDee’s house   By Claire Wolfe

Food and recipes

16  Hungarian liver and rice sausages   By Linda Gabris

50  Honey: Nature’s sweetener   By Sylvia Gist

56  Pistachios: historic and healthy nuts   By Habeeb Salloum

66  An afternoon with Jackie   By Ilene Duffy

Farm and garden

23  How we use our solar greenhouse   By Jennifer Lee