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An American dollar worth two cents

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46  Making a living:
Daniel Le Grow: Licensed herbicide and pesticide applicator

67  Ask Jackie:
Woodstove cooking, recovering a garden, acorns, storing sugar and salt, etc.

75  Movie review:
Atlas Shrugged

80  Lenie in the kitchen
Dutch oven stew for Sunday night dinner

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Cover 129
Don Childers painted this scene to support Jackie Clay’s seed saving article which begins on page 8. Saving your own seed will not only help you save money in your garden every year, but it is also good for peace of mind. As Jackie puts it, “seed is like money in the bank.”


38  A homesteader’s journal, part 1
By Dani Payne

48  LED lighting, part 3
By Tim Thorstenson

72  Make your own firestarters
By Claire Wolfe


24  Building Eric’s house, part 5   By Dorothy Ainsworth


8  Saving seeds
By Jackie Clay

32  Medicating your cattle   By Melissa Nelson

36  Is that a good pig?
By Kim Dieter

77  The under-appreciated sweet potato   By Vernon Lewis

Food and recipes

18  Family dinner at Backwoods Home Magazine
By Richard Blunt

60  Cabbage for good health and great eating   By Linda Gabris