Issue #13 of Backwoods Home Magazine. January/February, 1992

Issue #13

January/February, 1992

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Cover 13

Note from the publisher


   “There’s no stopping term limits”

Just for kids:
   Logic puzzles

   Classic vegetarian dishes

Original Poems and short story:
   Tom Chance
   John Earl Silveira
   Rosemary White’s Mushrooms

Book, magazine & video reviews:
   Shelters, Shacks and Shanties
   The Potential of Herbs as a Cash Crop
   The Consumer’s Guide to Planet Earth
   Rodale’s Chemical Free Yard and Garden
   Hydroponics: Set Up, Care and Maintenance

Product review:
   The Basic Survival Tool



  • There’s nothing like metal roofing
  • New homes from old homes
  • The Toolbox — hammers & drills
  • Some ideas for remodeling and living from Catamount Farm


  • Reliving “The American West” at the Hart Canyon Rendezvous
  • Why does the year begin in January?

Alternative energy

  • How an inverter fits into your solar electric system

Country living/Crafts

  • A road kill could kill you too!
  • Creating with saltdough
  • A woman’s backwoods philosophy

Self sufficiency/Money/

  • Some tips on drying foods at home
  • Learning to shoot safely, effectively
  • Opportunity is knocking for the country parson
  • Daily life of the country parson
  • Clean up with house cleaning
  • How to homebrew beer


  • Hydroponics — growing plants indoors without soil
  • A hydroponic greenhouse
  • Butchering, cleaning and cooking chickens


  • Animal lifesavers — CPR & comfrey

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