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7  Editorial:
Lessons for My Children

38  Making a Living:
Huckleberry Tent and Breakfast, by Doug Fluckiger

40  Lenie in the kitchen
Banana, blueberry, and peach scones

42  Irreverent joke page

46  Ayoob on Firearms:
How long should your gun’s barrel length be?

51  Ask Jackie:
Beet seeds, American River Cane, making hominy, etc.

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A conspiracy of silence and misinformation

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Cover 136
This issue’s cover is by Don Childers showing a family’s corn patch. You can read about the history of corn, various types to grow, and how to preserve it in Jackie Clay’s article, Incredible corn, on page 18 of this issue. Jackie also shares some of her tried and true recipes that use this versatile crop.


26  Snapping turtles
By Jason Akers

28  How to skin a snapping turtle
By N. V. Zahradnicek

31  Prepper power!
By Jeff Yago, P.E., CEM

60  Journey to the backwoods, part 4
By David Lee


8  Building Eric’s house, part 7
By Dorothy Ainsworth

55  Build a chicken house in a day
By Anita Evangelista

75  Build an outdoor mud oven
By Leah Larson

Farm and garden

18  Incredible corn: Easy to raise and a great pantry filler
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

72  Control weeds with hoeing
By Tom Kovach

74  Horses drew better pay
By Tom Kovach

Food and recipes

34  Huckleberries: purple gold
By Laura Roady

67  Wrap and roll foods your family will love
By Linda Gabris


43  Getting started with oxen
By Anna Knapp-Peck