Issue #14 of Backwoods Home Magazine. March/April, 1992

Issue #14

March/April, 1992

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Cover 14

Note from the publisher


   Recession and AIDS

   Good food for hard times

Original poems:
   John Silveira
   Linda Hutton

   Michael Andy Darr

Magazine/Book Reviews
   How to be successful in the Antique Business
   Victorian Houseware, Kitchenware and Hardware
   USDA Agriculture Research Magazine
   Survivalist SIG Newsletter
   Understand Home Construction



  • Wow! Field-fabricated standing-seam metal roofing
  • Heat your upstairs by cutting holes in the floor
  • Straw bale houses — an alternative

Country life

  • Marvels in small packages
  • Greechie, the hummingbird
  • Fire ants on the march in the U.S.
  • Cooking with woodstoves
  • Preparing yourself for springtime floods
  • God willing and the creek don’t rise
  • Make a crazy quilt
  • Teach your kids the fun, safe way to split kindling

Alternative energy

  • Charging RV batteries with the sun

Self sufficiency/Money /Guns

  • Now that you ahve your little slice of heaven, how to pay for it
  • An overview of centerfire rifles
  • Creating your own life at home without special tools
  • Chop ’em, drop ’em & lop ’em…a rank beginner’s guide to logging
  • Getting more cash from your crafts
  • Growing Christmas trees — a year-round part-time business
  • Parakeets for cash
  • Family works together at successful home-based business


  • Seed starting the easy way
  • The bonus of blackberries
  • The all purpose power food — soybeans!
  • Good farm management puts money in your pocket
  • Kricket Krap for your garden


  • Carob — the chocolate alternative
  • Backwoods Home Magazine’s “uptown” laboratory water test
  • Home remedies

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