6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
The Newtown atrocity and “gun control”

42  Ayoob on Firearms:
Why you should try competition shooting

52  Making a Living:
Hi Mountain Seasonings

59  Ask Jackie:
Canning beans, making cheese, naked oats, etc.

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69  Lenie in the kitchen:
Hamburger and potato casserole

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Cover 140
The cover for this issue was painted by Don Childers, our artist for more than 20 years. We went back and forth with Don several times to get the cover just right (an earlier sketch showed the muzzle of the rifle pointed in the direction of the gardener’s knee). The painting is supported by Claire Wolfe’s article which starts on page 12.


12  Hiding a gun: The rules of three
By Claire Wolfe

47  Drinking problems
By Len McDougall

49  Sterno and the Blue Hill Stove
By Amaury Murgado

72  Of sawbucks and Charlie
By F.J. Bohan

Farm and garden

8  Plant once — harvest for years
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

26  Low-cost raised beds
By Lucas Crouch

28  From waterbed to hotbed
By David Zaugg

74  Growing peach trees
By Tom Kovach

76  Make your own permanent copper tags
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Alternative energy

20  Grid-tied, Grid-connected, Off-grid. What’s the difference?
By Jeff Yago, P.E., CEM

Food and recipes

32  Herbs that I cherish
By Habeeb Salloum

36  Old-fashioned homemade cakes>
By Linda Gabris

64  Food security 101, part 3
By Rowena Aldridge


56  Garden injuries
By Joe Alton, M.D.