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Cover 152
This cover was painted by Don Childers. Taking advantage of the sunny weather, the girl in this painting is milking her cow outdoors, much to the delight of the cat (who is hoping for a squirt of warm, fresh milk). Two hens scratch in the dirt for pieces of dried corn, while the ever-vigilant rooster watches over them.


56  How to start an online information-based business
By Patrice Lewis

79  Surviving black flies
By John Murray


24  A recycled dresser makes a useful bathroom vanity
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Alternative energy

62  Build a community assistance recharging station
By Jeff R. Yago, P.E., CEM

Food and recipes

17  International dishes
By Linda Gabris

36  Mom’s Allegheny bread
By Richard Blunt

44  Easy-to-make farmer’s cheese
By Leah Leach


74  The simple jackknife
By John Dinan

Farm and garden

8  Same garden — more food
By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

14  Growing hops for profit
By John Murray

28  Tire gardening
By Patrice Lewis

40  Grow cold-hardy grapes
By Samantha Biggers

52  Build a keyhole garden
By Katelynn Bond

76  Goat emergency: Splinting a broken leg
By Donna Insco