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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Fourth Year
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Cover 21

Note from the publisher


Control government, not guns

Stocks — as important as herbs and spices

Original poem:
June Knight

Book Reviews
Commercial Crayfish Across America
Games Dealers Play

Video reviews:
Being Water Safe

Business Profile:
Sweet Alaska gold

Just for kids:
Have a chat with your cat




  • Drive your own well for next to nothing
  • How to build the fence you need
  • Lumber regs protect big business, not the consumer

Country life

  • The first slaughter
  • Buying the first horse

Alternative energy

  • Idaho utility entry into PV field may be a sign of things to come

Self sufficiency/Money/Jobs


  • Choosing superior bedding plants
  • Keep those empty milk jugs
  • The incredible non-biodegradable food service pail
  • A bit about ducks
  • How to buy your first dairy goat
  • The dairy goat — a gallon of milk a day
  • Protect your garden with a homemade trap


  • Use housplants to improve your indoor air quality
  • Homebirth — a natural way to come into the world
  • Understanding the environmental movement


  • Visiting Laura
  • School at home for fun and profit