Issue #26 of Backwoods Home Magazine. March/April, 1994

Issue #26

March/April, 1994

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Cover 26

Note from the publisher


   Forget conspiracies…Do something productive

Book Reviews
   Starting Over

   Jim Gibbons

   Some herb garden recipes
   My favorite soup recipes
   Synopsis of sourdough

Original poems:
   John Silveira

Just for kids:
   Killing some time



  • Build your own home, Part 2 — concrete and masonry
  • Simplified concrete and masonry work

Country living

  • Driving back country roads
  • The miracle of a country birth
  • Dueling duck

Independent energy

  • Try an isolated gain passive solar house

Self sufficiency/Food/Money

  • Make delicious wine at home
  • Free supplies for your homestead
  • Muzzleloaders — art, science and a piece of history


  • Grapes — with 3000 varieties, you can grow them almost anywhere
  • Garden huckleberries — hardy, easy to grow and tasty as blueberries
  • Short season gardening
  • Kiwi fruit — healthy, delicious, low-maintenance
  • The 10 most useful herbs
  • Tips for cold-climate herb growing
  • The fence post tomato trellis
  • Raising sheep
  • Improving poor garden soil
  • Deer discourology

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