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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Sixth Year
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Cover 32

Note from the publisher


Tolerance — both the left and the right lack it

Home brew your own beer
One pot meals

Just for kids:
Knock knock vinegar

Original poems:
John Earl Silveira
Dave Burkart
Marilyn Smith Marsh




  • Build an expensive log house — the cheap way, Part II
  • Tractor maintenance saves you more than money

Self Reliance

Country living

  • Gardening for blood
  • A post office called Podunk
  • My Stars and Garters


  • Make a heated seed germination flat
  • Hardy roses are easy to grow
  • Elderberries — the undiscovered fruit
  • Home-grown popcorn — the treat you can grow yourself
  • Troubleshooting problems with compost piles
  • Garden for the record and ensure a good harvest
  • How to buy your first sheep (without getting shorn)
  • Try these home remedies for “hare” loss
  • For a delicious adventure, grow your own sweet corn
  • Try a cement block garden

Guns and hunting

  • Defensive deadly force: the ground rules