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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Sixth Year
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Cover 34

Note from the publisher


The politics of tragedy

Think of it this way

The unfairness of property taxes

The Morning Hill Cookbook
The FIJA Activist

Make herbal wines
Enjoy zucchini all year
Mediterranean food — healthful home cooking at its best
Luchbox cookies
Zucchini milk
How about a delicious thisle salad?

Just for kids:
Life in the forest

Original poems:
Annie Duffy
Meaghan Silveira




  • Need a privy? Here’s the right way to build one
  • Build a cool pool for a refreshing price
  • Here’s a new idea for a burn barrel

Self Sufficiency

  • Making teas from wild plants and herbs
  • From emergency shower to backpack friend, the garden sprayer is a real versatile tool
  • Here’s how Old Italy and I teamed up to make a really neat & useful non-electric pasta machine
  • Buy prescription drugs cheaply and without a prescription
  • Create your own emergency water supply
  • You can turn dumpster-diving into an urban treasure hunt
  • How to make your own dressings and bandages
  • Homemade soap — it’s easy to make, high in quality and you can even make a living with it
  • Start a home-based herb business
  • Troubleshoot your own PC

Country living

  • Try our country clichés quiz
  • If it’s personality you like, farm animals have a lot


  • Freeze that sweet corn and enjoy it all year long
  • Grow your own bay tree


  • Effective rounds for the backwoods


  • Make a quillow