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A Backwoods Home Anthology — The Seventh Year
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Cover 38

Note from the publisher


The tax problem


Where I live:
Caught in the ‘Net

Homesteading on the electronic frontier:
Harvesting the Internet for gardening information

Original poems
Olive L. Sullivan
Wilma Hinman
John Silveira
Ben Sizemore

Book Reviews
The Orchard Almanac
Independent Energy Guide
Evolution of an Independent Home

A country moment

Eating crow that isn’t bad
From humble stew to curried root soup, root vegetables are an overlooked delight
Make these hot drinks for liquid comfort




  • It’s cheap and easy to multiply plants by using these propagation techniques
  • Soil pH is the secret of a good garden
  • Protect those young trees from frost and vermin
  • Don’t have a cow! (Get a steer instead)
  • Try these organic controls for garden pests
  • Stop bugs Nature’s way
  • Combat aphids by planting garlic
  • You definately want to grow your own asparagus
  • The Ichiban Hybrid eggplant is a real producer
  • For something different in your garden, try ground cherries
  • High altitude gardening — it’s a challenge but these helpful tips can get you started
  • Goats don’t eat zucchini
  • Grow horehound for the health of it
  • Blueberries are an affordable luxury
  • The duck dilemma: they’re a lot of fun, and theydoeat those slugs —but
  • Scrap poly pipe can be transformed into “training wheels for trees”
  • Lilacs can provide a reliable “thermometer” for planting
  • When you’re laying out your farm, careful planning pays big dividends
  • Follow these eight easy steps to a successful eggplant harvest
  • Whose garden is this anyway?
  • For some surprises in your garden, grow potatoes from seed

Self Sufficiency

  • Tobacco has some uses that might surprise you


  • What you do on one side of an equation, you do to the other to keep it balanced

Country living

Making the move

  • Here are some thoughts about finding your dream place — garden and all

Independent energy

  • PV pioneer describes his successful solar home