Issue #48 of Backwoods Home Magazine. November/December, 1997

Issue #48

November/December, 1997

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Cover 48

Note from the publisher


   Thanks for not killing them


Ayoob on firearms:
   Old guns for the old homestead

Original Poems:
   Melissa Sullivan
   Samantha Dunaway
   John Earl Silveira

Country moments

   Try these pasta desserts for unusual holiday fare
   Holiday ham leftovers
   Elegant desserts for entertaining
   You squeezes de tail an’ sucks de haid
   Tofu — healthful, delicious, versatile and you can make it yourself

Irreverent jokes page


Making a living

  • You don’t have to be a historian to make money writing your hometown’s Pictoral history


  • Building your own shop made rabbet plane
  • Protect your small buildings from wind damage


  • For a unique taste treat and a lot of fun, grow Native American corn
  • Plant your Irish potatoes this fall or winter
  • Protect your chickens from predators by installing this novel electric fence
  • Grow windowsill peppers the year-round


  • Use this system to make “quickie quilts” for the whole family
  • Make a gold or silver wire cross in 10 easy steps
  • Make some rustic Barbie furniture

Self sufficiency

  • Herbs make your canned and frozen foods more appealing
  • How to maintain a dirt road
  • Give the old chair a lease on life
  • For float-hunting, you’ll want to make a Native American style canoe paddle
  • Commonsense preparedness just makes sense
  • Here are four sure catfish baits
  • Homemade wax bullets let you practice shooting on a budget
  • Make diapers with flair
  • Winterize your animals without going broke

Country living

  • Reflections on “the dream”
  • Winter in the backwoods is a lot more pleasant if you stay warm and dry

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